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"We received over 200 auditions for the main voice acting role in our game and George was the perfect candidate! He provided the work to a really high quality and within a tight deadline. He even came up with some great extra lines of his own which made it into the game, we couldnt have asked for more! Thanks again!"


- James Pearmain,

Lead Artist of Massive Monster Games

"George was receptive to feedback, easy to reach, and quickly grasped what our project required. He understood and delivered the intense performance required for three distinct characters. His dedication and creative energy helped our project to be a success."

                        - Keith Warner
CFO & President of New World Interactive

                           (Day of Infamy)

NWI Logo.png

"George was excellent. His read was spot on, the quality of the recording was beautiful and he followed our script directions by the numbers. A++"

                     - Frostburn Studios
                        (Heroes of Newerth)

Frostburn Studios.jpg

"I've worked with George on several projects and he has now become our go-to guy for any kind of voiceover work. He has an amazing range of styles and is a consummate professional. I can't recommend him highly enough!"

                 - Mike Tucker

                   Director, The Bitmap Bureau Ltd.

                   (88 Heroes / Battle Axe / Ninja Showdown)

Bitmap Bureau.png

"We brought George in to provide several voices for Mordhau, and we couldn't be more pleased with the results. He immediately nailed the direction and intensity we were going for and delivered everything on time to our technical specifications. His vocal range and dedication to quality are superb, and we'll certainly be working with him again."

                            - Marko Grgurovic 

                              CEO, Triternion



"George has played a huge part in the production of voiceover for FORCED: SHOWDOWN. He voices an impressive 6 of the 15 major characters in the game - displaying great diversity and skill with each. I would recommend him for any production, no matter the size. No need to read any further, just get an audition from him!"

                   - Kristian Rømer
                     Lead Sound Designer of BetaDwarf Entertainment.

                      (Forced: Showdown)


"George is not only adaptable and versatile, he is a consummate professional. He takes direction and suggestion very well, and is able to adapt his performance to what you need or hear in your head. His voice is lithe and limber and capable of many different timbers and attitudes. I'd recommend him for any project."


                                 - Steven Alexander 

                                   CEO and Lead Designer of Infamous Quests.

                                   (Order of the Thorne)

Infamous Quests.gif

"The greatest thing about working with George, was his clear passion for our project. He has a great work ethic and was always enthusiastic and ready to go when we needed him."

                           - Jordan Morris
                             Creative Director of Pixel Blimp

                             (Jump Stars)


“George’s talent, commitment and range of styles make him the best voice-actor that I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Especially if you are making a military game whether it be an FPS or strategy, George should be your number one choice. He breathed life into the characters of our games and increased production value to the AAA level.”

                                - Łukasz Malik

                                  Producer, Home Net Games

                                  (Hex Commander / Space Commander: War and Trade /

                                              Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight / The Pirate: Plague of the Dead)

Home Net Games Logo White.png
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