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Hailing from the United Kingdom, George is a professional British voiceover talent with a wealth of personas and accent styles at his disposal. His voice has been described as

energetic, engaging, friendly, smooth and unique. A versatile performer and character actor capable of tackling almost any role put in front of him, his vocal flexibility ensures that his clients get the authentic voiceover that they need.


Possessing a natural flair for the weird and extravagant, his voice acting adventures have seen him portray many different personas in a wide variety of video games and animations. Anything from your average guy next door, to a dark and sinister cultist, a dynamic arena announcer, a tech obsessed goblin, a demon from another realm, a hardened soldier, a crazed anarchist, a stoic knight.....the list is seemingly endless!


With an ever growing list of satisfied clients, an energetic passion for his craft and desire to immerse himself into any role no matter the size, you can rely on him to deliver genuinely dynamic, emotive and striking performances that will truly bring your characters to life!


  • Unique expertly performed character voiceovers for your project!

  • Recording clean up and enhancement

  • Customised voice changing effects (e.g Robotic, Demon, Spectral etc)

  • High quality audio output in any format required

  • Remote direction over Skype directly into the studio

  • In depth character development and creation

  • Script writing, grammar corrections and improvements

"...the perfect candidate!..."


"We received over 200 auditions for the main voice acting role in our game and George was the perfect candidate! He provided the work to a really high quality and within a tight deadline. He even came up with some great extra lines of his own which made it into the game, we couldnt have asked for more! Thanks again!"


- James Pearmain,

Lead Artist of Massive Monster Games

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