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  • Unique voiceovers for whatever genre you need!

  • High quality audio output in any format required

  • Customised voice changing effects

  • Wide variety of vocal and accent styles

  • Quick turnaround and post editing

  • Webcam and remote studio direction

  • Copy editing and grammar corrections

  • Recording clean up and enhancement

  • Character development and creation

  • Professional grade recording booth

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Ahh greetings dear visitor! I see you have found your way into my little corner of the world wide web and accessed ones profile! Introductions are most certainly in order! 


I be one George Exley, voice actor, modder, retro gaming enthusiast and professional introvert.

A mish mash of quirks to be certain, but be rest assured as what you shall find here is a down to earth and easy going fellow who will always be happy to go the extra mile to ensure you get the voiceover that you need.


My voice acting escapades have seen me portray many a different persona in my time behind the mic having been described as being versatile, creative with a flexible and unique approach to the craft of voiceover, as well as being very easy to direct and work with. Which ain't too shabby when you put it all together really!

If you feel like you need a sample first to see if I'm the man for the mission then that can be easily arranged my friend! You need only get in touch with the details via whichever method you prefer and i'll sort out an audition for you with nay coin required!

So with that said, thank you kindly for visiting my site and one

hopes to hear from you soon!

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Wherever possible I enjoy making dedicated showcases of the various characters I get to portray.


Fancy a listen? Have a click at some of the vids below or follow the link to my little vocal repository over on the right there for more.









Some kind words from some kind people. Here's what the good folks I've worked for in the past have had to say about me!

"George was receptive to feedback, easy to reach, and quickly grasped what our project required. He understood and delivered the intense performance required for three distinct characters. His dedication and creative energy helped our project to be a success."

                         - Keith Warner
                           CFO & President of New World Interactive

                           (Day of Infamy)

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[recommend investigation]

Like your let's plays? I make a few of these too when I can. If you fancy watching a voice actor off duty in his natural gaming environment with a little outlandish commentary and impromptu voiceovers then please, step right this way!

AAA titles to Indie gems. Modern masterpieces to retro legends. Bonkers addons to sheer modding greatness.


Kick back and relax with me as we play it all for the simple joy of gaming.


[continue investigation]





Want to get in touch and find out what I can do for you and your project? I can be reached through any of my social media links, via email or through that rather handy little message box down at the bottom there.

Whichever channel you choose i'll be notified right away and we'll be chatting about your voiceover needs in no time.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks! Message sent.

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